Similar to the way Visa® and MasterCard® process credit card payments on behalf of merchant customers, ILD is a billing clearinghouse that processes phone billed transactions on behalf of merchant customers.

The reason you see a bill from ILD Teleservices is because you or someone in your household may have signed up for services through one of our merchant-customers.

If for any reason you disagree with the charges or have not been able to resolve questions to your complete satisfaction, we at ILD want to know and investigate with our merchant-customer. Please contact us and we will help you find resolution. Please visit www.ildteleservices.com.

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I hate ILD, they rob you blind and steal money without your authorization. They dub your voice into recordings and claim that you authorized them to be your long distance carrier.

I have unlimited long-distance through Qwest, but ILD charges appeared on my bill charging me 24 cents a minute. They are big liars and scary!!!

Rives, Tennessee, United States #46555

Dear Melissa, Marlis and Adam,

I am the Director of Marketing for ILD Telecommunications, and I would very much like to investigate this charge to track its source and determine the appropriate course of action to ensure that you are not being inappropriately charged. I will be happy to begin this process right away so that we can solve your problem immediately. In order to do so, I will need the phone number of the line that was billed as well as the best number to reach you. Please send this information to my attention at askild@ildmail.com.

Others who would like me to conduct a similar investigation of the charges on their bills can send me the same information requested above. Please also include your contact information and the telephone number billed, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,



They've been charging me for over 4 years. I've got a $400 plus phone bill right now. I'm on lifeline because I'm low income.

I can't pay it.

No one will help me.


AT&T Settles Cramming Suit

Unauthorized charges plagued wireless subscribers

June 3, 2008

AT&T has agreed to settle a class action suit stemming from unauthorized charges, placed by third-party providers, on the bills of its wireless customers – a practice common referred to as "cramming."

AT&T Wireless customers nationwide were affected. The settlement, which was preliminarily approved by a Georgia court, entitles AT&T Wireless customers to receive refunds of unauthorized charges.

Consumers complained that they were being charged for such things as ringtones, games, graphics and news or other alerts that generally are purchased over the internet and are charged directly to customers' cell phone bills.

Although these products were not available in the United States as recently as five years ago, they have evolved to form a large and increasingly lucrative industry. The lawsuits alleged that there were not adequate safeguards in place to ensure that customers are only billed for services they agreed to purchase.

The company noted that this is the first nationwide settlement of its kind and promises to serve as a benchmark for the mobile content industry more generally. It said its competitors, including Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, face similar lawsuits.

Attorneys Jay Edelson, Myles McGuire and Scott A. Kamber of KamberEdelson, LLC, were appointed by the Court to serve as the co-lead attorneys for the class.

"This is both a great result for the class and should put a lot of pressure on other carriers to demonstrate that they, too, are serious about their customers' welfare," Edelson said.

A special Web site, www.thirdpartycontentrefund.com, has been established for consumers who want to apply for refunds.

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these *** charged my five dollers for one phone call then i had a charge for 8 the next day and i didnt even call no one!!! :(

El Pueblito, Queretaro De Arteaga, Mexico #27751

I also did noth request or authorize a charge to my telephone bill - but just the same you charged $9.99.

You know this is a fraudulent charge

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